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The Performance Coach will deliver all gym-based programming for the NBA players, whilst managing the performance pathway for 2-way players with G-League affiliate, Lakeland Magic. The Performance Coach will directly report to and work in conjunction with the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach to deliver on and off-court conditioning programs, individual and team warm-up and recovery strategies.



Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise/Sport Science or similar degree (Master’s preferred)

Experience: Minimum of 5 years of professional or college experience, preferably with experience in basketball. One-year minimum and a collegiate or professional High Performance setting.

Certificate/License: CSCS or equivalent (RSCC preferred)


  1. Results Driver: Take initiative and achieve challenging work goals; focuses one’s energy to maintain high work standards.

  2. Highly Involved Team Member: Work cooperatively with others to accomplish group goals.

  3. Educator: Provide appropriate intervention strategy and feedback to athletes and staff.

  4. Critical Thinker: Draws conclusions and makes recommendations based on qualitative and quantitative information.



Primary Responsibilities:


  • To oversee and develop pathways to facilitate improvements in all aspects relating to athletic development including speed, agility, endurance, and power.

  • Develop and implement the abovementioned programs through appropriate planning, preparation, monitoring, and management.

  • In conjunction with the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, plan off-season (May – Aug) and seasonal (Sept – April) resistance training cycles.

  • Develop individual, specific training cycles that tie in with the overall basketball program, whilst keeping in mind individual requirements for athletic development.

  • In conjunction with Head Strength & Conditioning Coach and Applied Sports Scientist, be responsible for the collection of all strength and power testing results and provide appropriate analysis with recommendation for immediate and long-term program design.

  • Ensure all athletes display excellent technical execution of all resistance training programs.


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